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Very Unofficial Gritty GIFs
Gritty hit the internet hard. He was everything we needed. Equally approachable, horrifying, and dank. Everyone loves Gritty. I even went to a Flyers holiday hockey game to see him in action and he did not dissapoint – at one point he was dressed as santa and twerking with a harem of hockey cheerleading babes. An orange spirited goon with crazed eyes who knows exactly what the internet wants.
To pay my respects I made a few GIFs as well as included him in my dddance.party project (video below).
This would not have been possible without the hyper unofficial Gritty 3D model from the wonderful @paularosine.
Check them out below. You can use them on Instagram stories by simply typing "gritty" into the GIF sticker search.
If you want high quality GIFs you can grab them from my channel on GIPHY.
~ Created by Fuzzy Wobble ~