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Streetheart: We created an exploration app that covered NYC in darkness, then challenged New Yorkers to get out there.
Yes, that's NYC covered in darkness. And that little blue dot is you. And that number below (0.038%) is the percent of NYC you have discovered so far.
A few of us at IDEO NY created this app (soon to be released) called Streetheart. It challenges NYers to explore the city - ALL OF IT. For those claiming they have "seen everything" or "know everything" about NYC, we provided a humbling metric at the bottom revealing the percent of NYC they have explored (just reaching 20% would be a massive achievement). And yes, in the true spirit of NYC, it only works when you are walking :)
Here is the first prototype/video I created for this project.
Here are some screen designs for the final version done by a fellow IDEOer:
Here are some previews of the initial prototype:

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