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[2020] Naughty America: I helped to shape the future of adult entertainment. It's very three dimensional.
I had the pleasure to work with Naughty America on various 3D web expereinces. We are using volumetric-video technology that is very new and exciting. This work has been exploratory as we push the edge of possibility for both web technology and device performance. It is entirely web based. No apps, no downloads, no BS. Simply visit a URL to enter 3D experiences on desktop, mobile, and VR/AR. Below are some video demos of the various experiences. These can be accessed on Naughty America by members. More projects will be release in 2021 including some that are accessible to non-members.
Note that this work has all been updated in the last year and new documentation is coming very soon!
Naughty America 3D Player Demo:
Naughty America WebAR Demo:
Running on Android Galaxy s20 + Google Chrome
Naughty America WebVR Demo:
Running on Oculus Quest2 Web Browser
Naughty America 3D Player To WebAR Demo:
Running on Android Galaxy s20 + Google Chrome
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