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[2016] Giphy Arcade: I created a micro gaming platform that was acquired by Giphy.
I had spent many many hours creating a full-tilt micro gaming platform from scratch. This included a 2D gaming library and engine, IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a collection of examples+docs, and most importantly, the ability to quickly "remix" the game assets with GIFs.
This project was acquired by Giphy in 2017 and later released as GIPHY ARCADE. Giphy now uses this project with brands and artists to create micro game collections that users can play, share, and remix. Hype on CNN, It's Nice That, Wired, Engadget, and many more.
My 2016 Concept & Prototype Demo:
This is a muted demo, demonstrating my initial concept for quickly creating micro-games, applying GIFs as assets, then remixing the game by simply swapping GIFs. I created an entire gaming library in Javascript that simplifies the creation of such games - making it effortless to to add phsyics, collisions, sound, interaction, effects, etc. Towards the end of the video you can see the games running on mobile.
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