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Masterlist: A visual tribute to the greatest catalog on the planet.
McMaster-Carr is not only the best catalog on the planet. It is also the best online store on the planet. So much depth, detail, and consistency. Still today, many years later, no one has come close to creating an online shopping experience as elegant as McMaster.
A group of us at IDEO wanted to pay tribue to McMaster, by creating a hyper visual shopping experience, curating the more unique (and affordable) items we could find in their catalog. Sure, we would have loved to include the Aluminized Rayon Coat and the 10 Gallon Gatorade Cooler, but budget did not suffice. We kept it simple and fun.
The team dug deep into the catalog, rounded up items, did a whole night of photography, followed by a few days of web development. The ship was steered by the illustrious Greg Wolos.
Hype on Core77 and a lot of talk on Twitter. The engineering community was quite confused by this project, as were the exec's at McMaster. McMaster asked us to join a call with them the following week to discuss our "project". Once discovered we were simply fans, the exec team offered their support for Masterlist, and even invited us for a factory tour :)