With paper, acrylic, a printer, and a basic laser cutter, Fuzzy Wobble & Amy Wang redesigned one of the most popular board games on the planet, Settlers of Catan. Not only did they rethink the era and aesthetic of the game, but also implemented a number of key changes to the rules/gameplay.
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  • This game is an evolution of Sea Farers Catan, in which there is an exploration element to the game. Instead of exploring the sea, we are now exploring deep space, which are inverted tiles that are flipped during exploration.
  • Perimeter pieces have grips. No sliding board.
  • Hexagon pieces are smaller. Can create large boards without needing a stadium size table (as you did with Sea Farers).
  • When you reach a trading port your piece is elevated so other players are more aware who is owning which trading ports.
  • Robber covers both the resource and the number.
  • Finally, you can build your cities, rather than replacing settlements with cities.
  • Building reference card is connected to the baggie of pieces.
  • Longest Road and Largest Army now trophies instead of cards.
  • Although, not very space themed, we kept sheep/wood/wheat/ore/brick because we did NOT want to force people to remember a new set of resources.

Rule Changes
  • No 2's or 12's in the numbers. If you roll a 2 or 12, take a resource of your choice.
  • No building roads along the perimeter. Consequently, road strategy becomes more intense.
  • You can remove the robber by giving up all the resource cards in your hand if you have 4 or more.
  • No pirate (as there usually is in Sea Farers).
  • No trading or building between turns, even if there are 5-6 players.
This is no 'off the shelf' game...
Compartments for cards and tiles. Insets for perimeter pieces on the lid.
The longest road, largest army, robber, and dice.
Space Wood, Space Sheep, Space Ore, Space Wheat, Space Brick.
Tiles & cards.
Royal Flush.
Space Ore, front and back.
Textured cards. Gloss ink on matte paper.
Space Wood, Space Sheep, Space Ore, Space Wheat, Space Brick, Space Gold, and Deep Space.
Tile profile.
Pouches for the pieces, with colored reference discs attached.
settlement, city, speed of light ride, and road.
Finally, you can build your cities.
Development cards.
Hemisphere numbers.
One of one million board configurations.
Deep space profile.
A city.
The robber is coming to get you...
The robber is even more daunting than usual.
One of one million board configurations.
Unexplored deep space.
Discover resources with deep space exploration.
Go for the gold!
Elevated settlement at trading port.
⬢   Created by Fuzzy Wobble & Amy Wang   ⬢