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3d2gif – A web tool I created to "easily" export GIF stickers from animated 3D files.
My brave friends let me 3D body scan them. Now, I have imported them into this otherworldly internet creation... I spent the weekend turning my "3d2gif" tool into a (slightly) more user friendly interface. By using this 3d2gif approach I am able to create unique GIF stickers that can be used in SMS, email, web, AR, and most importantly, Instagram Stories. For example, this Infinite Ralph GIF I recently created already has 120 million views on Instagram :o
Check out some examples below:
David G phone.
David G phone – GIF export.
Jose F stumble.
Jose F stumble – GIF export.
Maggie C swingin.
Maggie C swingin – GIF export.
Casey P swing.
Casey P swing – GIF export.
Jason R hardstep.
Jason R hardstep – GIF export.
Slimeball Brian – Pizza Surf.
This is just a v1.0 for now. Still lots to be improved. There were countless challenges to finding a balance between exporting a glitch-free GIF quickly vs. absolutely crushing your CPU. Eliminating the 1px "key color" border on GIF stickers seems hopeless at the moment -_-
^ how I feel after this much coding ^
~ Created by Fuzzy Wobble ~