Play here: dddance.party
Over three months, I spent my free time digging into 3d-coding, and explored some bizarre dance scenes while cranking out a full-on desktop experience: http://dddance.party.
This was made with lots of javascript, three.js, ar.js, a structure scanner (3D scanner), Blender, Mixamo, and many 3D models available online.
The dancers (as you can probably tell) are dictated, through existing motion capture data. People are scanned statically with our off-the-shelf 3D scanner, then assigned the motion capture data to make them dynamic, AKA, dictated dance.
Thanks to Jorge and Vince McKelvie for the help on the project when times were tough.
dddance.party teaser:
Co-workers from IDEO scanned and dancing:
Mobile web AR dancing with IDEO CTO:
Mobile web AR w/ DJ Jason Baker & AR Jason Baker:
Big Drop: David G, Deruntz, and Orange Mike:
Magic Kids:
Daito Stretch:
Created by Fuzzy Wobble