cykill is a simple hack that attempts to tackle one of America's biggest challenges – obesity. cykill leverages the excessive gaming habits of its users to help them realize aspirations of weight loss.
The only way the gaming console will power on, is if you ride the bike. Fail to pedal fast enough and cykill will kill the power. ☢ Possibilities of hard drive corruption ☢
The project is open source and easy for anyone to make at home! Everything you need is here: images, video, parts list, circuit diagram, and code.
Hype on IDEO and IDEO Labs.
Dial the intensity and duration of the workout. Flip the switch to start both the workout and console.
Basic home setup. cykill only costs around 250$ (without console).
Using an xbox 360 with my cykill, but any gaming console will work.
Circual LED meter. If you let the light reach :( then it's game over.
Humble home maker space.
No surprises in the cabinet, just games and controllers.
Game on!
Yep – it's a hack! Pretty up top. Junk in the trunk.
Circuit is actually very basic.
Cardboard prototype.
Parts List: Exersize Bike x1 (only tested with Exerpeutic brand), Arduino x1, Neo Pixel LED circular x1, Neo Pixel LED bar x2, Toggle switch x2, Potentionmeter x2, Knobs x2, Power Tail x1, Super Glue x1, Code, Laser Cut Files, Gaming Console (any will do), Basics: wire, resistors, soldering iron.
→ Build the circuit as seen above.
→ Find the two cables that run from the exercise bike to the bike interface. Cut and strip them. Connect them to the two bike pin cables in the circuit.
→ Connect your gaming console to the power switch tail.
→ Connect pin 13 and ground to the power switch tail, as shown in the circuit diagram.
→ Turn on the Arduino with the small toggle switch. Dial the workout (intensity and duration settings can easily be changed in the code). Once you flip the switch to start the workout you can then power on your gaming console.
→ When the workout ends you have 2 minutes to dial a new workout or turn off the console. After 2 minutes, cykill will kill the power.
→ Test! Test! Test!
→ If you want to eliminate temptation, or are buildig this for a friend/child, you can glue the power cables to the gaming console and power switch tail.
Created by Fuzzy Wobble