Hello. I am Fuzzy Wobble.
Digital Alchemist.
Brooklyn / Vancouver.
Currently work at IDEO NYC.
Recent web projects:
GIF Dance Party w/ Giphy 2013
AZZ Sequencer w/ Adult Swim 2015
Six 2016
Emphatic Nope 2015
Rejected Christmas Card 2014
Zuckeraver 2015
Masterlist 2015
GIF Cam 2013
Recent installation projects:
GIF Dance Party Installation 2015
GIF Cam IDEO 2016
Steven Reed's Cheese Dip 2016
Recent DIY projects:
eBling 2016
90 From The '90s Payphone 2016
Deep Space Settlers 2016
Cykill 2016
DIY MIDI Controllers 2013
Teensy Monster 2012
Personal DJ Controller V1 2011
First ever digitial project:
ASCII Art Generator 2008
First ever physical project:
Acoustic Recycling Sorter 2010
Many more projects online:
YouTube to.be Git Instructables
Contact me at
The Facebook Instergrem