A collection of experiments, personal projects, freelance work, and useless inventions.
My name is Alex, web alias, Fuzzy Wobble.
I use my brain to make things. Technology is my friend. I exploit the gap for some. I bridge the gap for others. I experiment. I create. I solve. I am a digital alchemist.
I appreciate when technology and design converge towards a creative outcome, preferably something that others can interact with and enjoy.
This website documents my efforts to do interesting things with technology, dating back to 2008, when I didn't even know how to code yet.
Some of the languages and technologies I choose to work with at the moment include OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Python, Photoshop, Illustrator, Arduino, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Node, Rasberry Pi, C, C++, Processing, Teensy, Eagle, and SolidWorks.
Recently, I graduated from Parsons with an MFA in Design and Technology. I also have a mechanical engineering degree from the UofC.
You can reach me online at as well as find me on Git, YouTube, and Instructables,
IDEO Humans
2014 // A experimental social/media network where you are not allowed to talk about yourself, only others.
Doggy GIF Dance Party
2014 // GIF dance party went commercial with the help of some cute dogs.
Five Things I Like
2014 // Pick five things you like, make a PDF.
DIY 3D Labyrinth
2014 // Marble madness and Labyrinth meet.
to.be Weird
2014 // to.be is an online collaborative art space where things get weird.
Interactive Garden
2013 // PCB I helped create for an interactive garden installation.
Controllers v3 (Thesis)
2013 // My thesis project, focused on creating a technology framework that enables people to design and build their own controllers.
IDEO 101
2013 // Introducing the IDEO Boston office, in the form of a GIF DANCE PARTY.
Gifpow TV
2013 // Stream GIFs to your television.
Doomsday Singalong
2013 // I have no idea what is going on here.
GIF Dance Party
2013 // Gif insanity, in the form of an interactive dance floor.
Gif Cam Dot Com
2013 // I created a GIF cam, for both Processing and the web.
Internet Explorer Me
2013 // Fresh IE merchandise. Buy now! Very secure!
Mirai 将来 Future Hackathon
2013 // An electrically stimulating game we made in less than 20 hours.
Sir Wilfred Obscenity
2013 // A painting that is really irritating.
Freq Plant
2013 // A simple touch sensitive plant.
Good Luck Learning Mandarin
2013 // This cat will teach me Mandarin.
Is It An Art?
2013 // Sometimes people are unsure if what they have created is an art.
Hatched Tracking Installation
2013 // A simple body tracking installation.
Greg Underwater
2013 // An interactive animation I made with Sylvia.
2013 // A community website I created, dedicated to GIF culture.
4x4 Module
2013 // A custom plug and play module.
Bowling Brawl
2012 // This is what happens when you try to program an entire game in six hours.
Audio Video Systems
2012 // My first OpenFrameworks class at Parsons.
Audio Video Sampler
2012 // My first prototype towards developing and an audio video sampling instrument.
Algorithmic Animation
2012 // Collection of experiments from an OpenFrameworks course at Parsons.
Adjoining Kinects
2012 // A project that enables multiple Kinects to be used simultaneously with one global coordinate system.
Tiffany App
2012 // An iPad app I made for Tiffany Co.
2012 // I love GIFs so much I had to start making them.
Wiggle GIF
2012 // A technique for creating faux wiggle gifs.
Teensy Monster v1
2012 // Superlative brains for your next DIY controller.
Teensy Monster v2
2012 // Most recent version of the Teensy Monster.
Controllers - Instructables Contest Entry
2012 // A one minute video entry for the Jack Daniel's Independence Contest.
Owl Lamp
2012 // A cute and functional owl lamp.
Controllers v2
2011 // A modular DIY controller framework I designed for DJs, producers, artists, gamers, etc.
The Square
2011 // An unusual public space installation.
The Gingerly
2011 // Handshake design.
Live Video Feed From Processing
2011 // Stream video from Processing to the web.
Tron Bikes
2011 // A basic multiplayer Tron lightbike game.
To Do Reminder
2011 // A wifi connection device which helps me stay on track.
Decoder Pen
2011 // An unusual way to communicate over a distance.
Soft Circuits
2011 // Some experiments with soft circuits.
Heisenberg Tees
2011 // Heisenberg silkscreening.
Scrapyard Challenge
2011 // Find junk on the street, build something out of it in six hours.
Image To Sound And Back
2011 // A useless and irritating wireless data transfer.
ASME Design Contest 2011
2011 // Build a proof of concept for rainwater energy conversion.
ASME Design Contest 2010
2010 // An autonomous device that can sort recyclables.
Controllers v1
2010 // A stylish DJ controller I designed and built over the last few months.
2010 // A tricky animation effect.
2010 // A Processing experiment with the photomosaic effect.
Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer
2010 // My build of the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer.
Very Artificial Intelligence
2010 // Creative way to turn an LED on and off.
Old 3D Modelling
2009 // Computer assisted design at its finest.
Monster Chess
2009 // A one-on-one web based chess game.
2009 // Some friends of mine.
Riversurfing Website
2009 // The international riversurfing hub.
ASCII Generator
2008 // A web based ASCII generator.
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