Hello. I am Fuzzy Wobble.
Hockey Player, Mechanical Engineer, Computer Programmer, Designer,
Digital Alchemist.
British Columbia, Alaska, Alberta, Zurich, Cambridge, Brooklyn.
Currently work at IDEO NYC where I create awesome stuff with awesome people.
~ ~ ~
In my free time, I do some of the stuff below...
Selected projects:
GIF Dance Party Installation 2015
Dank Meme Hunter w/ Adult Swim 2017
eBling Internet Jewels 2016
90 From The '90s Payphone 2016
GIF Dance Party w/ Giphy 2013
Deep Space Settlers 2016
AZZ Sequencer w/ Adult Swim 2015
Cykill Gaming Fitness Hack 2016
Masterlist w/ McMaster Carr 2015
Meme To Shelf, Cheese Dip 2016
"Garfunkeled" Meme Maker 2017
Terrible Christmas Card 2014
~ ~ ~
Contact me at: