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 A collection of experiments, personal projects, freelance work, and useless inventions. 
My name is Alex, web alias, Fuzzy Wobble.
I use my brain to make things. Technology is my friend. I exploit the gap for some. I bridge the gap for others. I experiment. I create. I solve. I am a digital alchemist.
I appreciate when technology and design converge towards a creative outcome, preferably something that others can interact with and enjoy.
This website documents my efforts to do interesting things with technology, dating back to 2008, when I didn't even know how to code yet.
Recently, I graduated from Parsons with an MFA in Design and Technology. I also have a mechanical engineering degree from the UofC.
I started my career as a digital alchemist at IDEO in 2013.
You can reach me online at alex.fuzzywobble/at/gmail/dot/com as well as find me on Git, Instructables, and Faces Books.
Here is an interview with Wut Magazine NYC (2015).
  IDEO Humans  2014  
  3D Printed Kinect Chess  2014  
  Christmas Heads  2014  
  to.be Weird  2014  
  Universal Nope  2014  
  Glitch Image On Hover  2014  
  NYC Waste Hackathon  2014  
  DIY 3D Labyrinth  2014  
  Doggy GIF Dance Party  2014  
  Jill In A Box  2014  
  GIF Dance Party  2013  
  Is It An Art?  2013  
  DIY Controllers v3 (Thesis)  2013  
  Gif Cam Dot Com  2013  
  gifpow.com  2013  
  Gifpow TV  2013  
  Good Luck Learning Mandarin  2013  
  Internet Explorer Me  2013  
  Interactive Garden  2013  
  IDEO 101  2013  
  Doomsday Singalong  2013  
  Mirai 将来 Future Hackathon  2013  
  Sir Wilfred Obscenity  2013  
  Freq Plant  2013  
  Hatched Tracking Installation  2013  
  Greg Underwater  2013  
  4x4 Module  2013  
  Owl Lamp  2012  
  GIFs  2012  
  Adjoining Multiple Kinects  2012  
  Teensy Monster v1  2012  
  Teensy Monster v2  2012  
  Algorithmic Animation  2012  
  Bowling Brawl  2012  
  Audio Video Systems  2012  
  Audio Video Sampler  2012  
  Tiffany App  2012  
  Wiggle GIF  2012  
  DIY Controllers v2  2011  
  Heisenberg Tees  2011  
  Scrapyard Challenge  2011  
  Tron Bikes  2011  
  The Square  2011  
  ASME Design Contest 2011  2011  
  The Gingerly  2011  
  To Do Reminder  2011  
  Decoder Pen  2011  
  Soft Circuits  2011  
  Image To Sound And Back  2011  
  DIY Controllers v1  2010  
  Photomosaic  2010  
  ASME Design Contest 2010  2010  
  Scanimation  2010  
  Very Artificial Intelligence  2010  
  Puppets  2009  
  Old 3D Modelling  2009  
  Monster Chess  2009  
  Riversurfing Website  2009  
  ASCII Generator  2008